Monday, February 2, 2015

We Brought The Party

I caved in I guess.  After spending last week casually cheering and heckling the racers, I got bombarded with questions as to why the party wasn’t bigger.  The truth is, I didn’t feel like hauling all that stuff out into the woods, setting it up, and cleaning everything afterwards.  Lunchbox and I discussed it, and realized that it was our duty to provide quality entertainment.  So it was on.

And this time we included a new item, #creepybabyfoot

With Mariachi music and Lunchbox in a nifty sombrero, we once again brought the party…

We even got to cheer on NASCAR racer Jimmie Johnson:

Somewhere in the madness, we ended up with a #creepyadulthand.  Big N Buttery made good use of it:

And of course there was a piñata.  But he was a little dirty thanks to The Gentle Ginger.

It was definitely a party this time, especially when Team Nicky donned his own festive hat.

Yeah, I missed the party.  It was good fun and we received lots of thank yous from the racers.  I’ll have to miss the next race due to my trip to Arizona, but I hear that Lunchbox will be out there to carry on the tradition…

This time with a new party theme.

I can’t wait to hear all about it.

Thanks to all the racers that played along with our fiesta.

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