Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Not Snowed In

I know, I know.  Just as I get back to some sort of regular blogging, I disappear for a few days.  I was stuck the last two mornings working at a place with no connection to The Internets.  It happens from time to time.  Even though we just had a big winter storm here in North Carolina, I wasn't snowed in.


Friday morning, my employer decided that it would be better if we worked remotely.  I was good with that.  The weather would get worse during the day, so when I finished working I double checked my supplies.

Beer.  Check.

I spent the rest of Friday drinking beer and playing with my main man, Carl.

He loves the snow.

The weather got worse overnight of course, and most people were trapped here in our neighborhood.  I wasn't about to be stuck in the house all day.  I had shit to do. So,I made preparations to leave.

No shit?

And I hit the icy/snowy road, hoping for the best.

You see, I had to get to the skatepark.  Yes, I still ride skateboards form time to time.  The main reason I went though, was to see one of my childhood idols...

That's Lance Mountain, formerly of The Bones Brigade.  After nearly thirty years of skateboarding, I jumped at the chance to meet him.

Unlike most sports, skateboarding and cycling are better because you can actually participate with professionals, and it's not much different than hanging out with your (not pro) friends.  I think that explains how I gravitated towards mountain biking after being a skateboarder most of my life.  Makes sense I guess.

Still, I always find a way to keep the two connected.

DeFeet socks on my skateboard.  Still the best socks in the word (shameless plug, I know.)

So yeah, instead of being "snowed in", I got the hell out of the house to go ride on four wheels (and meet a really cool pro skater.)  I like the snow and all, but I hope that's all we get this year.

I don't think there are any other reasons to get me to drive in that shit coming up anytime soon.

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