Thursday, January 28, 2016

Way Behind

Just about every bit of snow around here has melted.  It's warmed up a little bit too, so I should be happy about that.  Aside from a little bit of rain, it's been nice bike riding weather.  Hell, any weather is nice when you're on a bike.

I need to get out and ride more.  I've been working during the day (like most folks), and when I get home it's either too dark or I'm too tired to ride (or whatever other excuse I can come up with.)  In reality, it's been difficult to get motivated.  I mean, I missed a prime "training" opportunity over the weekend during the Snowpocalypse.

Sure, snow and ice covered everything around here.  That's no excuse though.  I should've gone out and pedaled at least a little bit.  I might have had a little fun in the process.  Instead, I went for a "hike."

It was nice I guess.  I like winter and creeks and junk like that.

Anyway, the real issue is that the "season" is starting soon.  And I'm not anywhere near ready.  I've been "training" at least.

It sucks.  It's supposed to.  Who gives a shit.

I worked hard last year.  Total Cyclist two or three times a week, rides all weekend, eating right, etc.  Towards the end of the season though, I changed jobs, it sucked, and I went on a downward spiral.  I was so down in the dumps that I just let myself go.  Less social interaction, less riding, moar beer, and moar food I probably shouldn't have been eating.  Sure, I got out of that shitty situation, but the damage was done (luckily I didn't gain any weight.)

Mucho damage nonetheless.

That's one reason why I'm gonna race cross country again this year.  I figured that having some goals would do me some good.  Add in a few endurance races (12 Hours of Santos and 6 Hours of Warrior Creek already confirmed), and I may be able to get back into some sort of shape and have some fun doing it.

Round is a shape.  Luckily, I'm not round.



I'm gonna catch up somehow and get back to something.

Who gives a shit.

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