Monday, January 18, 2016

Snow Day?

I woke up yesterday morning, looked out of the second floor window, and saw that it was snowing outside.  It wasn't enough to stick to the ground, but with the rainy and warm winter we've had so far, I was still pretty surprised.  I decided to take Carl outside to investigate...

Well, the snow did stick to him at least.

I didn't feel like being outside getting wet and being cold, so we went back inside.  This time Carl stuck to me.

It was nice to be inside where it was warm, but I wanted to get outside and ride.  The wet snow stopped falling from the sky after a few hours, and the sun came out.  I thought for a moment about which bike to take, got dressed in some warm clothing, and hit the road.

I didn't take a road bike though.  I grabbed my least used mountain bike because I knew I'd end up off road.  

Gears. Because...

Who gives a shit.

I did quite a bit of exploring, spending a lot of time along a local creek.  It's a pleasant ride because the view is nice.

You know,

We've had a ton of rain here lately, hence the murky water.  Also, the water level is higher than normal.  According to what I saw though, it was much higher not too long ago...

I didn't feel like driving to a local trail for a ride, so riding from the house was the best option.  I'm pretty fortunate to have some good options for off road enjoyment close by.  I can ride right out of my neighborhood, climb some tough hills, hit some gravel, and even get my singletrack fix in if I need it.  It's options like this where I can end up with a good day of riding even if I didn't plan on it.

I would count my blessings if I did such things.


I'm happy.  Let's see how long it lasts this time.

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