Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Mountain Fun

Even though I was just in the Uwharries not long ago doing some trail work, I felt the urge to go back.  Not to search for Bigfoot though.  That's pretty easy to find.

Srsly though, I just wanted to get back out there again.  Mostly because of how remote and underpopulated it is.

I did a little bit of exploring over on the "other" side of Uwharrie.  I didn't bring a bike this time.  I brought one of my other toys instead.
They haz range.  I haz shotgun.

I know, I know.  This just in:  Southerner shoots up shit in the woods.

Not exactly.  The little lady and I wanted to fire off a few rounds at the range out there.  It's pretty fun to aim from the hip and send hollow point slugs downrange while everyone else uses their fancy scopes and junk.  With that kind of ammo, it's not like I need to be spot on.

But, it's still nice when I get close.

I'm not some gun nut.  I'm a veteran, remember?  The range out there was cool (and cheap too), but the best part of the day was being back out in the "little" mountains.  We enjoyed some local food, the laid back attitudes, and yeah, the shooting.

The scenery is pretty rad too.

I really love that place.  The Uwharries were the first mountains I rode when I moved here.  I guess you can say I'm sorta partial to being out there.

And coming soon, a big bicycle adventure on that side of the forest.  You know, when I actually take a bike out there with me.

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