Friday, February 12, 2016

Fun Friday

After the bullshit last Sunday, it's nice to be able to look forward to the weekend.  Yeah, I made it through another week.  I still have my cycling license, my desire to be what's wrong "this sport", and most importantly, I'm still obese.

I can't help it.

Yeah, I like to eat.  That's what us jolly folks do when we're ruining cycling.  I have no willpower, and temptation gets me easily.

It's cool.  I actually feel pretty good about myself for the most part.  And, I actually am looking forward to this weekend at the short track.  Lots of other people around here are too.  Let's hope our new friend shows up, ready to talk some more shit.

Seriously though, who gives a shit.  I've got bigger shit to worry about right now.  It's gonna be cold this weekend.  I mean, really cold. Like, colder than a polar bear's backside.

Shit.  Maybe I'll see y'all Monday.

Oh yeah.  Not enough funny? Watch this:

I'm out.  For realz this time.

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