Monday, February 1, 2016


It's almost time for the (my) mountain bike racing season, as evidenced by the first race in the Winter Short Track Series kicking off.  It was a gorgeous day with sun and warm temps.  A perfect day for a ride in the woods.

I didn't ride though.  It's not time for me to do that just yet.

Instead, we headed out there to do what has become our duty, to host a party in the woods to um, "encourage" the racers.   You know, all festive-like.

Yes, the pinata is back, along with costumes and other assorted nonsense.

And my man Carl even made an appearance.  He really digs the Creepy Baby Foot.

The turnout was a little small but we really tried to make the most of it.  We heckled our friends, made new friends, and even hurt some feels.  Some people are way too serious, but whatever.  Wait until we turn it up a notch or two as the series goes on.  We have fun, most of the racers enjoy it, and we're really not out there to hurt anyone.

Yesterday was just the warm up.  It will get mo betta.  Hell, I might even get out there and mix it up on the bike too.

Stay tuned.

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