Friday, March 3, 2017

Fun Friday (Draggin' It Out Edition)

In lieu of a regular Fun Friday post, I'm just gonna keep dragging out our little getaway.  This is sorta how I keep track of everything and I still have lots of photos anyway.  Who gives a shit.

After doing a weekend's worth of stuff in only one day, the little lady and I needed something relaxing to do on day two.  Instead of riding though, we decided to drive over to Jekyll Island to explore a little bit.  That place is normally full of tourists, but in February that's not the case.

We found a beach with my favorite thing.  No people.

We just wandered around the uprooted tress and looked for shells and other junk.

Before we got there, Little Miss Sunshine looked on The Google and said there was a shipwreck.  I looked it up too, but I was concerned that we wouldn't see anything since it was way out in the water.

But we walked over to that side of the island anyway, and since it was low tide we actually found it.

 That was pretty neat, but I guess the ship is buried under all that sand.

We walked around for quite a while, but I was getting tired.  On the way back to my truck, I found a couple of friendly squirrels.  One of them even climbed up into the tree to get closer to me.  I thought maybe he was hungry or wanted to attack me, but I didn't care.  It made for a great photo.

 After wandering around like bums, we needed food (and beer of course.)  We did what you're supposed to do on an island and had some kick ass seafood.  Local Georgia shrimp (and local GA beer) to be exact.

Yup, I'm one of those assholes that photographs what I eat.

With a little daylight left, we looked for another relaxing spot.  We took a walk through the woods, where the scenery reminded me a lot of my home state.

And as the sun started to set, we watched an alligator try to soak up one last bit of energy before feeding time.

That was a fun little place to spend the day.  I'm sure it's probably a shit show when it's tourist season, so I wouldn't advise visiting then unless that's your thing.  For us, it was nice to have pretty much the whole island to ourselves.  It was a relaxing vacation, but it ain't over yet.

I have one more post to finish dragging this out.

See y'all next week.

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