Wednesday, December 16, 2009

All Things Forty Three

Forty three is the new Green.

Yes, I’m being a lazy blogger today. The weather has been too shitty to ride, and more shittiness is on the way. Who knows when I might get back on the bike again. Hello X-Bike, here I come. Since this is the B-43 blog, I thought that I would throw in some things pertaining to the coincidence number. If this bores you, so be it. Check these out though, if you dare.

If you're hunting for a job in this tough economy, then follow this one I guess.

43 Things Said in Job Interviews

This one hasn’t been updated in a while, but there is still plenty of reading there.


This is just stupid, but I included it anyway. You don't even have to leave my blog to see it either.

At least this one is bicycle-related.

43 Bikes

Strange news:
43 Horses

Apparently England and Wales together have 43 police forces. Weird.

43 Police

This is actually pretty interesting. I thought the coincidence number originated in the small town where I grew up. I guess it is truly worldwide. Hmmmm.

43 Brings Hope

Here is some information about the number in question. Just the facts here, with no coincicdence.


There you have it. Another worthless blog post. I’m doing this for free, so what do you expect? As you can see by now, my lack of real bicycle riding has driven me nearly insane. I may have to sneak out and ride a wet trail somewhere just to get my fix. Hopefully you’ll come back tomorrow to find out. Thanks for playing.

P.S. I had 43 visitors to this site yesterday. How's that for coincidence?

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