Thursday, December 30, 2010

It’s A Revolution

And I’m watching it happen right in front of me. Wait…what? Yeah, of course I’m talking about big wheels again. Even though I have embraced the 29er thing, there were still those in my life that haven’t gone over to the Dark Side. Things changed for the better over the Christmas holiday though, since I spotted this gift from Santa under (or next to, whatever) our Christmas Tree.

Yep, another clown-wheeled bike has joined the fleet here at B-43. In case you are clueless as to which member of our group will ride it, I’ll give you a hint.

Lunchbox has made the switch to big wheels, and he’s happy as he can be. He’s such a big kid that those oversized wheels actually look normal under him though. He couldn’t wait to get out and ride it, so he took it around the neighborhood for a spin. It was fun, but not enough. We loaded up the bikes yesterday to take a small ride at one of our local “all-weather” trails.

When we got there, Lunchbox wanted to take a photo of me with my new Dogfish Head jersey, so I happily posed for him.

Of course, I had to return the favor.

The trail is only a half-mile, but it’s pretty fun. We go there when everything else is closed around here (since it is an all-weather trail), so we don’t expect any kind of epic ride or anything. Even though the trail is normally in decent shape after any kind of shitty weather, yesterday it didn’t fare so well. We cut our ride short so we wouldn’t cause any trail damage. After riding less than a half-mile, we had acquired way too much mud:

It wasn’t a total fail though. Even with such a short ride, Lunchbox got a good feel for this whole Big Wheel Revolution. He said it was a noticeable difference from his smaller, squishier bike, and he couldn’t wait to take it on a real ride. Yeah, me too. Hell, all of us here in Charlotte could use a real mountain bike ride, especially after the kind of weather that we’ve seen around these parts lately:

I’m back at work, which means back to my regular blogging schedule. You’re stuck with me on the weekdays again. You are so damn lucky. I hope to see y’all tomorrow.


madSS said...

now thats a big smile, Lunchbox!! the big wheels fit you well, hope you enjoy your new ride

TheMutt said...

If only we would have some decent weather so he could get in a good ride on it.