Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Rough And Rugged

Oh rigid single speeding, how I’ve missed you.  Last night was my first ride on the new crabon Niner fork and I absolutely loved it.  I was getting a little too used to riding the squishy fork, so I’m glad it’s gone.  Coming from a cromoly rigid fork, I have to say that crabon is the bee’s knees.  Do bees even have knees?

Who knows.

Aside from the new rigid goodness, I also finally got a chance to break out my new shoes:

My old ones had split in half on the bottom, so new shoes were a top priority.  I went with white just so I’ll look faster.

Does that even work?

Anyway, we had a fun, social ride, and it really gave me a chance to test out the handling over roots, rocks, jumps, and small children.  Since I wasn’t hauling ass or anything, I got to really get in tune with the handling of my new crabon accessory.  I dig it.  I only had one issue (the headset came loose mid-ride), but that will be addressed tonight.

I am happy with the new ride.

Big thanks to all of you that steered me in the direction of crabon, and special thanks to Good Guy Greg for providing beer and moral support.  He’s such a good Drunk Cyclist.

Speaking of Drunk Cyclist, now you can get all kitted up while you show your love to drinking and bicycles.  In addition to those sweet-looking jerseys, now you can order bib shorts (or regular shorts if you’re so inclined.)  Wanna look all pro when you head out to the pub after a “training ride?”  Or you just want to show all those not so serious types that you can look all smooth and sexy while you ride too?  

With the “full kit” option, you can look fancy while you do what you do best:

Drink beer (or whatever adult beverage you like.)

Go buy yourself something pretty rad.

And right now (until Monday) you can use the discount code SAVEDC to knock 15% off the price.

You'll have money leftover to buy me a beer.

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