Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snow Well

It's winter here again. Real winter this time. The snow started yesterday, and it looks like it will keep coming down for a while. As much as I'd like to go for a ride, it's probably not gonna happen. A snow ride would be fun and all that, but honestly I'm sick of being cold. Plus, I really don't feel like cleaning my bike. I know, the Executor would be pretty damn awesome in the snow.

Maybe I'll get my ass out in it.

While I figure it all out, I'm gonna sit inside and keep working on my guitar skills. My lessons have been going well, and I look forward to coming home each day and playing. And to keep me motivated, I got some new shit.

Although I'm probably way ahead of myself, I thought maybe I could use a new guitar. After shopping for weeks and comparing different ones, I ended up with a shiny new Stratocaster.

It's so much fun. I'm not really ready for such a fancy guitar yet, but who gives a shit. The amp goes all the way to eleven too, much to Little Miss Sunshine's chagrin. Luckily (for her) I got some headphones to plug into it so I'll only screw up my own ears. The family has been really encouraging so far with my guitar adventures, and I appreciate it. It's a great stress relief on the days I can't ride, and it also keeps the stray cats away from the house.

Unless they like shitty guitar playing. Then I'm screwed.

I'm gonna go rock out now, while everyone else sits inside and bitches about all the snow. I have plenty of beer, so this shit can last for days as far as I'm concerned. I'm leaving for the Sunshine State soon anyway.

More on that tomorrow.

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