Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Fun Has Returned

I was confused about pretty much everything that had to do with bikes in my life. What I originally thought was me being burned out on racing turned out to be much more. I have all these bikes and I write a blog every day about bike stuff (mostly), but I felt like I was just going through the motions. I needed to have fun, and for some reason I couldn’t see it right in front of me.

Bikes are fun.

All bikes. I have an urban bike, mountain bikes, a road bike, and even unicycles (okay, technically not bikes, whatever) and I didn’t want to ride any of them. After whining to the Internets and hearing from people that care (and even those that don’t), I realized that I was making a big deal out of nothing. All I have to do is hop on one of my two-wheeled machines and pedal.

It’s that simple.

I didn’t need to take a break, get counseling, or even find a new hobby. Just to test that, I decided to grab my least favorite bike and go for a spin.

Yup, I took the road bike out. I went on a route that was very familiar to me, and I really enjoyed it. It was a route that I did a few years ago when I participated in a local shop group ride. I remember that it was fun back then, so I figured it would be a safe bet to try again. I had some beautiful views, fun hills (both up and down), and the weather was perfect. I even saw some wildlife.

That was a gratuitous beaver shot. You’re welcome.

When I finished, I texted the little lady to let her know I didn’t die. I told her I had fun too.

“Who is this?” she replied.

Always with the jokes. Yes, I did a road ride and enjoyed it. I didn’t feel like less of a mountain biker either. Go figure. I guess whatever bike you ride doesn’t define you. I just ride bikes, and I’m no better (or worse) than you because of the bike I hopped on that day. Well, I was Holier than you though, thanks to the new socks DeFeet sent me.

Now I’m hungry. Great. Nothing makes you fall in love with riding again like a little Divine intervention.

I’m back. Let’s have some damn fun riding bikes now.

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Anonymous said...

Advocat sez: Really great to hear its fun again, but are you coming to Anniston, AL to have some funz there?