Wednesday, February 4, 2015

By The Time I Get To Arizona

This is the last day of the week for me.  This time tomorrow morning, the little lady and I will be flying the (un)friendly skies on our way to Tucson.  I am excite.  Hopefully D-Wayne and his better half are ready for us.  The last time I checked, our bikes were indeed in AZ and out for delivery in Tucson.  There was a little delay in there for some reason since the original scheduled delivery was supposed to be yesterday.  No big deal as long as they get there I guess.

I’m looking forward to riding in the desert.

It looks dangerous.  Like, “I hope I don’t roll of the trail into a cactus” sorta dangerous. 

I rode in the desert that time I went out to InterBike, but this seems to be a different kind of desert.  I’m not sure what to expect, but I’m basing everything I know on the cartoons I watched when I was a kid.

Okay, that looks moar dangerous than a cactus-infested trail.  At least my bike isn’t made by Acme.

That being said, don’t expect to see me at the short track race this weekend (Lunchbox will be there though.)  I’ll be back sometime next week and will resume blogging probably on Wednesday or so.  This is a much needed vacation for us all.

See y’all next week…

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