Thursday, February 19, 2015

Enough Is Enough

Today is my Friday, meaning that I’m off tomorrow.  Work has been rough, so any time I get an extra day away is good.  Especially since we’ve had some lovely weather here lately.

That was my commute to work on Tuesday morning.  The roads were pretty empty so taking a photo as I rolled down the interstate at a low rate of speed was not difficult to do.  Yesterday we had still had some wintry slush and ice around the house, slick spots on the roads, and even another (small) snow event in the afternoon.  I can’t take it anymore.  My recent trip to Arizona probably makes this feel a little worse than it is, but I feel pretty smart for scheduling another trip so soon after.

You see, I signed up for this little race a while back…

I’m in for a full twelve hours, just me and my rigid single speed on the (mostly) flat trails of Santos near Ocala, Florida.  This time last year I went down there after a big winter weather event, but that wasn’t enough to keep me going the whole time.  During the race I came to the realization that I may be done racing, and thought that it would be the last time.  Well, a big break from racing gave me some focus, and I’m all in this time.  Plus, the weather looks a helluva lot better than it is here in North Carolina.

Warm to me now, but when I lived down there I would still probably wear a light jacket or sweatshirt.  Things have changed in the last eight years, so I’m looking forward to working up a sweat trying to keep myself going well into Saturday evening.  I know the trails at Santos very well, and word around the campfire is that a whole bunch of Charlotte folks will be there (plus the Jacksonville crew of course.)

Looks like I’m not the only one trying to escape the cold.

But since you asked, it’s extra cold here now.  Like, brutal cold.   I can’t wait to get back to The Sunshine State.

See y’all probably around Tuesday with some kind of report.

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