Thursday, July 9, 2015

Support Local

I got some new bike bling da udda day.  While I tried to convince myself I didn’t actually need anything else, my want took over and eventually turned into need.  Got it?

Let me explain.

My new Niner has been put to good use out on the race course since I got it.  My justification for getting it was to “have a few extra gears” and I didn’t plan to do anything else to it.  Once I realized how much I enjoyed having the option to ride shifty stuff, I started thinking about upgrades.  As an “entry level” bike, it was a wee bit on the heavy side.  Since I am too at 230 pounds, weight couldn’t be the only factor.  No, it was actually a performance issue…

I got tired of clunky wheel engagement and quiet hubs when I coasted.

So, I spent a little time online looking at prices.  Since I already have two other sets, I knew I wanted IndustryNine hubs.  Online prices were decent, but with no idea who would actually build them I had second thoughts.  Then I remembered that I’m a dumbass and should buy local.  I called up The Cycle Path and told them what I wanted.  They gave me an awesome price, and having had repairs done to my wheels from there in the past (and seeing other wheelsets they’ve built) I knew that I wouldn’t have to worry. 

The result?  A set of I9 hubs laced to Stans Arch EX hoops, built to take any kind of abuse that I might throw at it on the race course.

 I picked them up last Friday and I was excite.  I hurried home to mount up a set of Maxxis Ikons, and after the easiest tubeless setup evarrrr I was ready to roll.

I took a couple of test laps around the neighborhood and that was good enough.  I haven’t ridden them yet since I needed to get back to the single speed thang, but I know that they will be just as awesome as the other sets I own.  I’m sure that the first “real” ride will be at my next race.  That will be a good test which I’m sure it will pass.

Big shout out to Mark at The Cycle Path for building me a set of custom wheels.  I joke with him about building wobbly wheels, but in reality he does it right.  I like spending my money here in NC.  My local shop got everything and built the wheels, and as a bonus the hubs are made just over there in the hills of NC.

Local is rad.  New bike shit is moar rad.   

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The Cycle Path said...

Fuck, yea!! Thanks fo da shout out!!