Monday, May 16, 2016

One Small Step

I'm still on the mend but feeling good enough to ride.  That's two weekends in a row.  And for some reason I don't feel like riding local at the moment so I planned another trip to the hills.  Instead of going alone though, the little lady wanted to join me.


We ended up at DuPont again and I had an easy route planned.  It starts with a climb of course, which felt a little easier this time around.

 Photo cred:  Little Miss Sunshine

Actually, as radical as that photo might look it was actually very tough.  Since the little lady took the photo, she was obviously ahead of me.  I didn't mind though.  I'm on the mend, you know.

I did okay I guess.  After a few bouts of my legs protesting I sorta got into a groove.  Sure, we stopped a lot, but that was only to enjoy such an awesome day.

The route I picked had us doing lots of fire road climbing and a bunch of singletrack descents.  The best one of all, of course, is the Ridgeline trail.  I hurried down to get a shot of the little lady.

She had the drooper post engaged.  I am proud.

We were out there a couple of hours.  We did a few miles.  I don't know how much or how many exactly because I lost my Garmin the very beginning of our ride.  Who gives a shit.  We had an awesome day.

And made it moar awesome by stopping for a post ride beer at The Hub...

Our day was just beginning though.  Maybe I'll tell more tomorrow. 

I gotta go do the working thing now.

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