Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rehashing The Recap (With Extra Competitiveness)

When I first talked about my 6 Hours of Warrior Creek adventure a few days ago, I mentioned that we had a slight issue when we tried to set up our pit area. When I arrived on the scene, the race volunteers directed me to park in a spot right next to the MadSS, which happened to be in front of another vehicle. As soon as Little Miss Sunshine and I got out of the truck, this guy came over and started crying about how they were gonna set up their tent there. The conversation went something like ths:

Rude Neighbor: “You can’t park there. We were gonna set up our tent in that spot.”

Me: “This is where the guy told me to park, and this is our pit area too.”

RN: “You have to move.”

Me: “I was told by a RACE VOLUNTEER to park here, so I’m staying.”

The guy started getting really antsy, and that was just pissing me off. He came back and started crying about “his” spot again. I was getting visibly upset and ready to tear into this guy. Little Miss Sunshine knew what I might do next, so she walked away. The MadSS had been quiet up until now, but then he stepped in:

MadSS: “Don’t come over here being a jackass.”

Rude Neighbor: “Uh, we came here early to get this spot. Blah blah blah.”

MadSS (visibly upset too): “Look, you don’t have to be a jackass about it.”

Me: “We have to set up our stuff too, and this is where we are setting it up.”

RN: “This is affecting my ability to be competitive. How am I supposed to be competitive when we can’t set up our stuff?”

The guy huffed and puffed and walked away. I actually got a good laugh about this, which kept me from getting really mad at the little prick. The fact that the MadSS kept calling him a jackass also gave me a good chuckle. After we unloaded our stuff, we were trying to figure out how to set up camp. I had planned to move my truck all along, but I wasn’t in a giant hurry (especially since Mr. Competitive was lurking nearby being a jackass.)

About fifteen minutes later, he walked by real quick, and said, “We still have to set up, you know.” At that point I was pissed again. I said, “I know that! Tell me that shit again and see what happens.” He hurried by as he said it, but I know he heard me. Eventually I moved my truck, and they started setting up. I say they, because the other two people in his camp actually set the stuff up, while he sat back and watched. I guess he really wasn’t just being a jackass to us, but to everyone else as well.

He never said another word to me, and he eventually got what was coming to him. No, I didn’t touch him (I wasn’t about to ruin a great event), but I did pass him on the first lap. After the race, Little Miss Sunshine told me that he had a flat tire, and he had a hell of a time changing it. He had his bike torn apart, and it took him forever to get back on the course. So much for being competitive, huh?

Aside from that incident, the race was great. Since I was in a daze for much of it, it actually felt like I rode three laps on three different courses. I remembered some features each time, but a lot of it was unfamiliar. I still had a lot of fun, and I didn’t take myself too seriously. While I do like getting on the podium once in a while, it’s all about having a good time. Since this was my first solo endurance race, I was only competing against myself. My crew of the MadSS, his Mrs., and the Space Cowboy helped make it a great time on the course as well. Even though I’m not much of an endurance racer at this point, it’s good to share the experience with good people. Also, I couldn’t have done any of it without Little Miss Sunshine. Between her support at the pit stops and her photography (Lunchbox is in Florida for the week), I didn’t have to worry about anything except riding my bike for six hours. Out of our small, unprofessional racing group, Mrs. MadSS even got on the podium for the Women’s Solo Single Speed (2nd place.)

Oh by the way, my Awesome Straps held up great the whole time. Thanks again to the folks out there at Backcountry Research for hooking me up. Also I’ll thank Cane Creek Cycling Components for their support. My Cane Creek 110 headset was flawless, and as you saw in the photos, I rolled (slowly) around the trail in my super sweet Cane Creek jersey. Now, go spend your money with the above mentioned companies.

Finally, I’d like to share a video with y’all. My buddy Bart from Southpark Cycles wore his helmet camera for the first lap. The footage is incredible, although I wish it was longer so you could see the whole trail. It gives you a good idea of the roadie start we had to do, plus some of the berms, switchbacks, and other trail goodness we rode for six hours. Big thanks to Bart for putting together another great video.


Anonymous said...

MUTT heres what to do:

First throw the jackass around to your friends like a fish..Seattle Style...then cut the hole out of the bottom of one of those folding chairs...their cheap enough...set him down.....then load up a tubesock...longer the better... with Genuine Innovations Big air cannisters and give the offending jackass a couple wacks to the barnacles like Bond got in the movie Casino Royale.....just sayin.


TheMutt said...

That is such an Awesome idea! I'll keep in mind for next time.

Anonymous said...

apparently rude neighbor didn't pay attention to the many reminders that were sent regarding sharing space with other participants. His attitude is not in the spirit of the event. way to go and way to race... -6WC vol

TheMutt said...

6WC Volunteer,

That guy didn't listen to much of anything, including the people in his own pit area. Thanks so much for everything you guys did to make a great race. It only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch, be we didn't let that happen. I'm looking forward to next year.