Monday, April 19, 2010

The Rings of Saturn? NO . . . IT'S THE AWESOME STRAP

There's been a bit of a roadie revolution here at B-43. While I'm a Mtn. Biker at heart I've been enjoying 60 mile road rides for the past few weekends especially since I've found some decent trails (oops) roads to ride on. The only difference I've found so far is that when your bike gets a flat amongst nothing but citrus groves it's a 30 mile hike to the trailhead.

Lucky for me I had the tools to change the flat and a big ole' fat Awesome Strap to carry them in. While I could probably fit everything I'd ever need in the awesome strap for a week long camping trip including tent, sleeping bag, food, and firewood; what I enjoy about the Awesome Strap is its simplicity. There's no need to pack things away in every nook and cranny of a seat bag and hope you can get it closed with a zipper. Cram, strap, and done. I've signed up for the Ironman 70.3 triathlon here in Orlando and the Awesome Strap is first on my equipment list. While I did suffer a time setback because of my flat, I enjoyed the pick me up of some supple citrus thanks to the Awesome Strap. Follow the shepherd he wouldn't lead you astray: BUY AN AWESOME STRAP!


Mike Diamond said...

Whoa! Tag-team bloggery!

TheMutt said...

B-43 is a team effort, sucka!