Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I’m Still Awesome

Well, sort of. I haven’t acquired any new skills or stumbled upon any training secrets, but the fact that I’m always rocking my Awesome Straps is good enough. Unlike the pathetic review that I had to do for those other products, you can bet your ass that I’m sincere when I talk about the products from the fine folks at Backcountry Research.

What’s with all of this Awesome talk anyway? Well, by now you all know about the genius invention known as the Awesome Strap and my undying love for it. Since I use it all the time, I’ve decided to experiement with the placement of said Awesomeness. The usual spot is cool and all, but some really smart guy said something about having the weight lower on the frame or something like that (I kind of half read what he said about it.) I figured that this past weekend would be a good time to try something different than the usual:

When I got to Lake Norman State Park da udda day, I grabbed my little bundle of awesomeness and looked for a new location. Even though I ride an XL (22 inch) frame, space is at a premium. I looked for a spot that would be lower, yet stay the hell out of my way while I was riding. After careful thought and consideration (basically closing my eyes and grabbing the frame anywhere), I came up with this:

Here’s a closer look:

That spot seemed to be out of the way enough so as not to interfere with my water bottles, yet it would be secure enough that I wouldn’t have to worry about it. As I rode the trail with the Awesome Strap in its new location, I soon realized that it wasn’t such a good idea. The spot was indeed out of the way, but it kind of interfered with my shifting ability. I didn’t notice it much because I hardly used my gears that day, but eventually it could become an issue when I need to shift a lot. While I am considering making this bike a single speed, it’s not happening for a while ( in due time, my friends.)

Shit. Just when I think I have something, it doesn’t quite work right. That’s kind of how my luck usually goes, so I would be heading back to the drawing board, so to speak. I finished the ride and thought about where I could strap my little Awesome buddy next time.

After looking over the frame a little before my ride at Sherman Branch on Sunday, I realized that there was really only one spot left on my frame (other than giving up and putting it back in the original location.) I noticed a prime piece of real estate on my seat tube, and it was just begging for me to uh, strap it on. Check it:

Again, here’s a closer look:

This was definitely out of the way, didn’t interfere with my shifters, and allowed me to keep the weight really low on the frame. After admiring my work, I took off on the trail to test it out. This time it was a success. It looks like I finally found a new home for the Strap of Awesomeness. It’s very secure down there, and the potential to gather a shitload of mud is probably about the same as it is when it’s strapped to my seatpost. I was happy. No wait, I was Awesome.

So yeah, I’m going on and on about the Awesome Strap, but it’s not some worthless product pimping just for the sake of blogging. I really dig the products from Backcountry Research, so that’s why I never shut up about them. Have you see the new and improved Awesome Straps? They look so kick-ass. Just check out the quote I “stole” from their website:

If your looking for the straps that can be fastened anywhere on your bike; that were purposely designed with relentless grip for securing your goodies when you hammer down ass clapping, high speed technical descents and climb like a scalded goat during epic rides, endurance and multi-day stage races…You found the right place.

Ass clapping. That’s so choice. Anyway, it looks like they will be available soon, so just hang on for a bit longer. I can’t wait to get my grubby mitts on one. If you have one of the current models, then be sure to hang onto it. They are destined to be a classic. Besides, it’s not like you’re gonna wear it out or anything. Just keep rolling with what ya got, and then get some of the new ones when they are available.

Stay Awesome, my friends.


TheMutt said...

On the Internets I am, compared to you. I'm sure the three people that read your blog would agree.

Spacecowboy11 said...

I wish it was 3...

madSS said...

its 2.5 because one is a really short Asian guy named Wang

Anonymous said...

Agreed...not the most interesting...the most AWESOME

Ride Awesome My Friends!!

TheMutt said...

Ha, at least someone digs me.