Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A “Chili” Ride

On Sunday, we loaded up the bikes and headed over to the U.S. National Whitewater Center for some mountain bike goodness. It would be the second time in three days that I got to ride there, but this time I brought along an extra person. Yep, the The Chili Man would finally get out on a real trail.

Lunchbox and I rounded up Mr. Chili Man and got ready to test his limits on a mountain bike. He’s been to the Whitewater Center before, but that was years and years ago. I think it was around the time that they invented the mountain bike, but I could be wrong. This time though, he had a really good reason: He’s thinking of participating in the XTERRA Whitewater this year, and wanted to scope out the course. Lunchbox and I were happy to oblige. I knew it was going to be a good day, since I spotted the coincidence number on the front page of our local newspaper:

It wasn’t a breakneck pace by any means, especially since my legs were a little tired from riding in the Uwharries looking for Bigfoot the day before. He had to see what the trail was like though, so we really didn’t take it easy on him. Even though it was wearing him out, he was still having a blast.

We rode most of the options, at least until he started getting tired. Getting tired on a mountain bike will make you do stupid things (like crashing), so I was all about skipping some of the extra stuff. Lunchbox didn’t mind it either, since he was just out there to have fun on his 29er.

Yes, I was there, but I was the one taking the photos. I could have given the camera to Lunchbox while we were standing around, but I didn’t think about it. It would have been a good idea, especially since I took off up Goat Hill while those two chatted away until my return. I had to get in some “training time”, so they didn’t mind the wait. Besides, if The Chili Man didn’t have the legs to climb Goat Hill at that very moment, at least he could watch me do it to see how difficult it would be.

After completing the main loop and most of the options, it was time to exit the trail. Since I am so freakin’ fast, I had a chance to setup the camera to grab a shot of The Chili Man on his final descent from the trail:

While I was standing there, I noticed this sign:

They must have known that The Chili Man was out riding that day. Maybe that sign is a good idea for any trail he might ride in the future.

It was another good day on the bike, with awesome weather. We stopped during and after the ride to go over the swim course, and I think that The Chili Man knows what he’s up against now when he goes out for the XTERRA. I found something that could give him an advantage during the swim though, if he’s interested.

Yeah, he can keep his beer in there and it will help him float along the river.

It won’t be easy, but he’s more determined than ever to get ready for it. As for me, I’m just determined to ride as much as possible while the weather is nice. Not a lofty goal, but at least I have one.

I’ll be back tomorrow with some kind of crap and nonsense. You can bet your ass on that one.


Anonymous said...

Holy crap! You tried to kill the Chili Man! Seriously, though, that was one heck of a ride. Although fine the next day, by Tuesday the soreness really set in. I was using the official "Chili Man Rolling Pin" to try and unlock my thighs! BUT, can't wait to get back out there and do some more! Thanks to The Mutt and Lunchbox for a great day of riding and a whole lot of education!

BTW the mountain bike WAS invented when I last went to those trails, but they were still made of wood an had one real big tire up front and we had to wear three piece suit and carry a parasol! "Top o'the day Guvna!"
Hugs and kisses,
The Chili Man

Dirtyparticle said...

looks like I missed a fun ride. c-ya on the trail chili - man.

Urban Prankster said...

How did you not swipe the sign?!?!