Thursday, February 17, 2011

Like Father Like Son I Guess

While Lunchbox does enjoy Star Wars just as much as I do, that’s not what I’m talking about here. No, this is actually about bicycling (imagine that.) Back when I converted The Big O to 1X9, I wouldn’t shut up about how cool I thought it was. Lunchbox was listening, and asked me about it. Initially he thought about doing the whole singlespeed thing when he got a 29er, but decided that he just doesn’t ride enough to forgo all of his gears. He decided that he would also try the 1X9 thing, so I gathered up the necessary shit to do it.

Let’s take inventory here. Another Third Eye Chain Watcher, a red BBG Bashguard, a SRAM PC-951 9 speed chain, Shimano Deore 9 speed rear derailleur and shifter (9 speed cassette not pictured.) I had to put on a new chain, shifter, cassette, and rear derailleur because of this:

His Diamondback Overdrive came stock with 8 speed stuff, so I had to change it if he wanted to be in the 1X9 club. It wasn’t an issue, since I already had some spare parts hanging around.

First up, I had to get rid of those “extra” chainrings and pesky front derailleur:

Then it was time to put on the BBG bashguard:

I installed the chain, cassette, and rear derailleur. I even had some extra shifter cable housings to use (in red, which he decided on as his new color scheme.)

After getting the chain watcher installed and properly aligned, I stepped back to admire my work (and have a sip or two of beer.)

While I was at it, I made sure to add the rest of the red accessories that I had been accumulating. Like this Azonic quick release seatpost collar:

And of course some red Cane Creek headset spacers:

And what bike in our stable would be complete without a Lizard Skins chainstay protector?

Oh yeah, I got rid of that lead pipe of a seatpost and replaced it with a trusty Easton EA50 I had in the parts bin:

And here is the finished product:

I’d still like to change a few more things to save him a little weight, including a new stem and a set of handlebars. That will come in due time I guess. Also, I plan on setting up his tires for tubeless sometime over the weekend, since I’m so freaking good at it. I don’t know if I’ll get it done though, since I’ll probably be out riding instead. I’m sure he’ll be right along side me though.

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