Friday, February 11, 2011

On The Hunt

For Bigfoot that is. I’m sure by now that you are all very much aware of my infatuation with Bigfoot and his relatives across this great land. I’ve told you my own personal story of seeing the Swamp Cabbage Man back when I lived in Florida, but now that I live in North Carolina I probably won’t get a chance to see him again. Things have taken a turn for the better close to where I live now, which I found out from a recent news story.

National TV Crew Visits Montgomery County In Search Of Bigfoot

That’s right. Some local yahoo from nearby Salisbury, NC is leading the hunt for Bigfoot, and it’s all taking place in the Uwharrie National Forest. It’s a place that I enjoy riding my bike, and I never even considered the fact that Bigfoot may call that place home. It looks like I may be riding there a lot more this season. Tomorrow, a group of about 150 people will be out hunting for Bigfoot. Will I be among them? Well, no, but I would sure like to be. Check out this other news story:

Massive Bigfoot Search Gains Momentum

Apparently this guy, Michael Greene, is a Bigfoot researcher and has been one for something like 20 years. He took some video footage a few years back in the Uwharrie National Forest, and most people (that are a bit nutty like me) believe that it’s real. The guy has been back several times the that same spot, trying to lure the creature and earn it’s trust by leaving out various food items and toys. Check out the video:

Wow. Who knows if it’s real, but it’s still pretty cool. Apparently, a crew of people from Animal Planet visited the area the other day, and they are set to start filming for a show set to air in the fall. I can’t wait to see it.

Okay, I spent the better part of my post today talking about Bigfoot, with not one single mention of the Winter Series Finale this Sunday. I guess there’s not much to say about it until it’s over. Hopefully I’ll have some tall tales of my race adventures to share with y’all come Monday. Word around the campfire is that Dicky is back in town from the Bike29 training camp out in Arizona, so look for photos of us palling around together on the race course if he shows up.

Still not satisfied with today’s post? Well then, check out the photo below. You can close your eyes, hold your breath, and wish that you were an aluminum pole. That should get you through the day.

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