Thursday, June 23, 2011

One Man Party

When I put up a video of my riding adventures, that’s usually what it is: a one man party. The last video I did though, was the small-screen debut of Lunchbox. It made for a much nicer video, and not just because he’s got skills. Nope, I noticed that videos of trail riding are much easier to watch when there is another rider to watch who’s actually in front of the camera. It just gives a better perspective, methinks.

Anyway, I put together yet another blockbuster film, but this time I am the star. The rest of the video I took at the Forks Area Trail System involved a different camera angle, and I am pleased with how it turned out. I basically mounted the camera on Lunchbox’s helmet and pointed it backwards. Now you get to stare at me the whole time. Excellent.

Okay, enough of the silly bullshit. Let’s get to the sillier bullshit: my pathetic video (and riding) skills. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

We at Chili Man Central would appreciate you posting some film of you wrecking. It would make the motion sickness part of your BLOG more rewarding.

TheMutt said...

I don't crash...evarrrrrr. If you ride along with me sometime, I'll be glad to make you a star of a crashing movie though.

Anonymous said...

Leg is feeling better. Ready for riding. Tree's watch your asses!