Monday, July 25, 2011

Demo Daze

I had a lot of bike stuff going on over the weekend, so I guess I can work my way backwards. Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of attending a bike demo, put on by Niner Bikes and our local shop The Cycle Path. There were lots of bikes to try.

Mark was busy setting up bikes:

While Mike from Niner was making fun of Mark for his bike mechanic skills:

They had a pretty good turnout, and when I got there about half of the bikes were out on the trail.

I started looking around, thinking maybe that I should try one out for myself.

I finally found something, the Rip9.

Since I ride a hardtail big wheel bike now, I wanted to try a squishy bike. Yeah, I still have a squishy bike of my own, but it has little bitty wheels. This was my chance to see if I would like a big boy bike, in the comfy version. Mike started setting the bike up for me.

I hopped on and took a ride. It felt weird at first. The rear end of the bike was kinda all over the place, but I soon figured out why. Since I normally ride a hardtail, I stand up a lot. That didn’t mix well with a full suspension bike, so I had to learn to stay on the saddle. Once I did that I was fine…and fast.

Oh, I did pedal. That thing could climb so well, and I had fun sitting down on the descents. Other than the suicide squirrels out there, my ride was trouble free. I really liked the full suspension thing, so maybe there’s one in my future. Stay tuned.

I hung around for a while, and saw something cool on the Niner trailer. Check it:

Man, those new Bike29 stickers are everywhere. I wonder how that one got there?

I don't have a whole lot of time today, so this is all you get. I have to get to work a little earlier. I'll be back, of course.

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Anonymous said...

If you get a new squishy 29er, what new and exciting upgrades will my new (and yet unfinished) bike get? I just love your need for new toys! (BTW i have your meatloaf!)