Friday, March 16, 2012

Like A New Pair Of Shoes

Who gives a shit, remember?

It’s time to stomp my way through the season, but this isn’t really about shoes. I recently acquired some new support for my racing efforts, in the form of a long-awaited nutritional sponsor. Being a big boy, I like to eat. Riding a bike like a big boy, I need to eat. It just so happens that my favorite nutritional company decided to help me out.

That’s right, the folks at Honey Stinger have jumped on the bandwagon of world domination here at B-43. Over the years I’ve tried pretty much every kind of cycling nutrition product, and I kept coming back to Honey Stinger. I never thought I would have a shot at their support, but I guess what I did kinda worked.

Here’s probably what happened:

I wrote them a letter about how awesome I am, they laughed their asses off, and probably decided to throw me some support because they felt sorry for me.

Maybe it had something to do with the “contest” I won a while back.

Whatever the case may be, I’m in.

After a welcome e-mail and some product selection, a package showed up on my doorstep.

It was chock full of Honey Stinger goodness of course.

That should last me about two days at the rate I consume stuff, although I don’t plan to eat the t-shirt. Maybe I can use it as a napkin to wipe the waffle crumbs off my face.

Big thanks to the folks at Honey Stinger for taking a chance with me. I bet they have no idea what they’re in for, though.

In other supporter news, I was checking out the Backcountry Research website, and I see that they have a shitload of deals going on right now.

You can get a three pack of the mount-anywhere Clutch straps for $22.


Three of the Tülbags for $24.


Three Awesome Strap Race for $24.


The Whammer Deal Deluxe, which includes a Back Forty Revival, a Tülbag, and an Awesome Strap Race for $24.

and lastly,

You can get the Back Forty Whammer deal which is three for $24.

Why am I telling you this? Because you should be riding with an Awesome Strap. If you don’t, then well, you just plain suck.

Don’t make me out to be some kind of product whore. I actually use the things I talk about. You should too.

Did I forget to tell you about the weekend? Yeah. I don’t really have any plans. No race this weekend, so hopefully I can get on the trail and wear out my legs.

That’s something else you should be doing.

In the meantime, click on on those links up there to keep yourself busy.

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