Tuesday, March 20, 2012

These Ladies Have Skills

Yes, it’s back to bicycling. My doggie is doing okay, so hopefully I can stop worrying about her so much. Thanks to those of you that sent e-mails and left comments.

Anyway, Saturday I hung out at one of our local trails, Poplar Tent with a whole bunch of mountain biking women.

It's not like they showed up there because I’m some kind of ladies man though.

It was a Dirt Divas Skills Clinic, which is one of my favorite rides to attend. I somehow got assigned to ride in the advanced group, which really should make me feel good. Instead, I felt all funny that I got to help the ladies with trail features, especially since most of them can probably out ride any man around here.

Our group took off, and I liked the pace (especially since I was on the single speed.) The point of the advanced group was to ride all of the options, and to stop at the features to help the ladies master them.

And master them they did.

Cathi (top photo) and Emily (bottom photo) showed off their rock riding skills.

Every once in a while, the different groups would merge when we stopped at certain features. That was the only way was I able to capture Dirt Diva Melissa showing off her mad skills.

We also rode the teeter totter (not pictured because I had to be a spotter), and that was by far my favorite stopping point. It was fun to hear the ladies giggle when the teeter dropped them down gently. I giggle the same way every time I ride it too.

We worked on everything until they all felt comfortable, and I didn’t mind spending extra time out there to help.

Every rock, root, and drop was tackled.

Doc blindly dropped off of this rooty section, and made it look way too easy.

That gave the rest of the ladies some confidence (because watching guys do this stuff just sucks.)

Here is Emily again showing us how it’s done.

I wish I would’ve taken more photos, but like I said before I was doing a lot of standing around, I mean spotting. There isn’t even one photo of me, mostly because I feel like an ass asking someone to take my picture. I did have a great time though.

The Dirt Divas really put on great rides, and it’s cool the way they encourage women of all abilities to come out and try to improve their skills. I’m very thankful that they allow a few of us smelly boys to come out and play too.

Interested in riding with the Divas? Check out their website and look for the next time they hit the trail.

I’ll be there for sure, as long as they don’t mind.

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