Friday, March 13, 2015

Fun Friday

I’ve been gone.  Sorry.  I’ve been putting in a bunch of hours for the man, so my free time has been down to near zero.  The bit I’ve had has certainly not been devoted to blogging, since no one wants to hear about the new songs I’m trying to learn on guitar.  Also, any riding I’ve done this week has been inside on a trainer, which while keeping me fit just isn’t making me have fun on two wheels.

I need this weekend.  I need some fun.  I need…

So, after being here for the first two days of the week, I skipped right to Friday.  I wish it was that way IRL but it isn’t.  I’ve worked hard with little reward.  It’s like painting a masterpiece that everyone laughs at.

So yeah, this weekend looks like it could be fun.  There is rain in the forecast (again), but I have some plans that may alleviate that.  I will be on my bike somewhere, because I haz plans for that too.

It’s almost scary.

See y’all Monday, where I will most likely be in a better mood (and much less tired.)

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