Friday, March 27, 2015

Fun Friday

This week went by fast I guess.  Work was rough (as it has been lately), and I’m happy to have a few days off.  I’m also a bachelor for the next two days, since the little lady is heading down to Charles Town to run across a big bridge.

She’s pretty excited about it.  I hope she has fun and does well.  That’s not my kind of fun though, since I don’t run anymore these days.  If you ever see me running, something is chasing me.  You should run too.

Anyway, it will just be me, Lunchbox, and the cats and dogs for the next couple of days.  Tomorrow I have a few things planned, like a shitload of guitar playing a maybe a trip up to The Cycle Path for some supplies.  Also, Mr. Shepherd is in town from Florida, so we’ll probably hang out a little tomorrow.

The main thing is to relax a lot in preparation for my race on Sunday.

Maybe I can haz party…

That one makes me giggle every time I look at it.

I’ll probably end up watching some Star Wars movies, in which case I’d better get some popcorn.

Lots of free time means that I will probably waste it all and do nothing. 

Who gives a shit.

See y’all Monday, most likely with some kind of race report.

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