Friday, January 6, 2017

Fun Friday

I made it.  Back to blogging and I did it every day this week (Monday was a holiday.)  Since I'm back to normal, it's time for Fun Fridays again.

You made it too (through a short week.)

This weekend, I'm not sure what's gonna happen.  The all-knowing weather people around here are saying that we are getting a winter storm, which will include several inches of snow.  While they are all guaranteeing at least a few inches, some reports are saying that we'll get nearly a foot.

That might be interesting.

Since we're in the South, I'm all stocked up on bread and milk.  And since I'm a not-so-srs cyclist, I'm also stocked up on several types of alcohol.  I'm ready for whatever, and I damn sure don't plan on being out on the roads this weekend (especially if there are AT-ATs walking down the highway.)

I'll most likely take one of my bikes out for a snow ride, but I'm pretty sure that I'll be spending most of my time indoors...

Drinking beer and working in my new shop.

Yes, the new house has a huge garage, which gives me a "proper" place to work on bikes.

I am excite.  Not for the snow,  Well, maybe.  I am from Florida, you know.

See y'all next week some time if I ever dig myself out of Snowmageddon.

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