Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Maybe I Was "Ded"

I'm back, but for how long this time?  With everything that's been going on, I kinda feel like I've been out of the loop.  Or ded.  That's more appropriate.

That's how I felt.  Left on the side of the road and unable to get up (although the subject of the above photo is probably really ded.)

Now that I'm mostly settled into the new house, I've actually been riding a little bit.  The weather around here is shitty at the moment (for trial riding anyway), but before it got shitty I got to enjoy some local singletrack a time or two.

BYT.  One of the few local trails I still like riding.

I've also taken a few trips around da hood by bike to explore a little bit.  I'm still in the "city" of Charlotte, but the area around me is much moar country than most places in town.  

I've met all the good neighbors, like this horse couple that loves it when I visit:

And this asshole pig that yells and screams at me in a way that very much says, "Get off my fucking lawn!"

There are quite a few cows too (much to the little lady's delight), but they won't pose for pictures.  That's fine though, because the guy that owns them offered us up some fresh beef.  They should take that as a lesson...

Pose for a photo or I will eat you.  I don't dig swine BTW, so fuck that pig.

Anyway, it's all good in the new hood, and apparently back here in blog world too.  I mean damn, I made it here two days in a row.  That has to count for something.  I stillhave a few housekeeping things to take care of (like logos, etc.), but the actual blogging part is back to whatever the hell normal once was.  For now, anyway.

Now you have more choices for things to read while you poop.  You're welcome.

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