Thursday, January 26, 2017

It's Not All Sunshine And Unicorns

Well, maybe it is.

Contrary to what you might think, my life isn't all about bikes and beer.  I have other hobbies too.  I've mentioned them here and there, but lately I've been trying to DO ALL THE THINGS.

The new house thing has been sorta stressful.  There is always something to do around here (even though the place was "move-in" ready.)  Still, I've been finding spare time to do fun things, so that I'm not just spending all my time working (at my job and on the house.)  Getting back to regular bike riding is nice, and I've even been spending a lot of time playing my guitars.  But for stress relief?  

I've picked up an old habit.

Lunchbox and I have been spending quite a bit of time lately shooting.  I guess it helps that there is a range right across the river from where we live now so it's quite convenient.  While we mainly shoot for fun, I guess I'm also polishing up on my defensive skills.  

Because you never know when there might be a hostage situation...

Note the bullet hole in the guy's hand.  I did some Old West style shit to shoot the gun from his out of it.  You know, after I destroyed his face.  Much fun.  Much-er stress relief.

We normally shoot semi-automatic pistols (Glocks to be exact), but on our last visit my kid wanted to try something different.  With a dream of being a cowboy in the Old West, we rented a revolver to see how he'd like it.

Harder to aim (at first), but just as much fun to shoot.  Lunchbox was digging it and wanted more.  When we finished, he started checking out the bigger guns.

That reminded us of something...

Bikes are still awesome.  I still do that, but it doesn't always have to be about bikes around here.  Just do some fun shit and enjoy life.  

Like playing with giant stuffed unicorns if that's your thing.

Is it Friday yet?

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