Monday, October 18, 2010

And, We’re Back (To Kid Stuff)

I got out on the bike all weekend, so I’ll work my way backwards. Yesterday it was time yet again for the Tarheel Trailblazers Kids Ride. This was our usual friendly get-together, and we met up at the always fun Sherman Branch. It’s a favorite of the local mountain bike scene, and that includes the little ones. We had a pretty good turnout, and the weather was perfect. We gathered up and headed out on the trail. Instead of narrating every single detail of the ride, I’ll let my photos do the talking (they are worth a thousand words, after all.)

Of course, Lunchbox was the ride leader:

Even the Junior Chili Man came along again:

We had plenty of “big kids” on hand to help the little ones:

We hit the usual obstacles, and some kids needed a helping hand:

And some didn’t:

Lunchbox decided to show the youngins how to hit the more difficult stuff:

We took a few breaks here and there, and everyone had a good time:

When it was all over, it was snack time. I know the kids like riding the trails, but I think they like the cookies even more:

I can’t say it enough. I love these kids rides. The kids have a blast, and it’s fun to get new people into this sport. Watching these kids ride their bike reminds you of how much fun you are supposed to have on two wheels. I guess this is a reminder that maybe we shouldn’t all take ourselves so seriously.

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