Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Don’t Know Where To Go

With this post anyway. I write this shit everyday, and lots of people read it for some reason. Some days the nonsense just spews out, other days it’s kinda like being constipated. Going with that analogy, today feels like I’m just sitting on the toilet waiting for something to happen.

Sure, things are happening around here, but they aren’t interesting to talk about sometimes. Last night, I gave a presentation at a meeting of the local women’s mountain bike club, the Dirt Divas. I got to tell them all about the National Mountain Bike Patrol (NMBP). If you’re a newbie to this blog, then I guess I should tell you why I would talk about such a thing.

In addition to being a below-average racer, I am also the director of our local chapter of the NMBP. Despite what you might think of me by reading the stuff I normally post on here, I really like to help people. First aid, trailside repairs, directions, etc. I do that stuff on local rides, and even help out during events. If something happens while I’m out there racing, I may even help out then too. Well, only if it’s someone that’s not racing against me. Maybe.,,

In other news, I saw some bike porn da udda day that has me drooling. You should know by now of my love for all things Diamondback, so you can imagine the excitement I felt when I saw that they have a new prototype out there.

Photo stolen off the Internets from MTBR

Yes, this is the Diamondback Sortie 29er, but it’s not yet in production. This prototype was displayed out at the Sea Otter Classic last week (but I wasn't there.) It is basically a cross between my two favorite bikes, the Sortie and the Overdrive. I am currently racing an Overdrive, and I still have my Sortie out in the garage. I don’t ride it much anymore since the wheels are too small, but having a big-wheeled version of that bike would be way cool.

Since I made the jump to big wheels, I haven’t given much though to having a full suspension version. Now that Diamondback is working on a 29er full squish, I may just have to rethink my thoughts about thinking about things I think about. The Knucklebox suspension is the best I have ever ridden, hands down. The low center of gravity makes a big difference, and that’s one reason why I loved my Sortie so much. I only wished that it’s wheels would grow, and now it looks like I may have my wish.

I’ll be back tomorrow, where I just might spill the beans about my partner for the Grind On The Greenway. I know I said that yesterday too, but this time I just might do it.

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