Monday, April 25, 2011

I Had My Priorities Straight At Least

Yeah, that was the main item in my packing list for the Grind On The Greenway, a case of Loose Cannon. It wasn’t my first endurance race, so I knew to only pack the necessities. Little Miss Sunshine however, was doing her first one so she requested that we bring more stuff.

We had plenty of provisions, so no worries there. There was only one problem: the weather was not cooperating. It had rained pretty much all night, and it was even drizzling when I hit the road on Saturday morning.

Another race in the mud…fabulous. I wasn’t too worried about it for me, but Little Miss Sunshine might have a hard time in the sloppy mess. She was already nervous as shit anyway. When we got there, we set up our new home for the next six hours.

I was ready. Little Miss Sunshine was ready too, especially after much encouragement from all of her cycling friends out there. Did I mention that the Dirty Party Cycle was there doing his first solo race? Since all three of us were racing, there is a chance for a severe lack of photos (I’m just warning you.) Anyway, The DPC and I headed down to the starting point (some half a mile from the actual start/finish line.)

Little Miss Sunshine had plenty of time since I was going first, so she grabbed the camera. We took a modified route on our way to the start finish line, and it was supposed to spread us out. I fought my way up to the middle of the pack, but it didn’t do any good. We entered on section of singletrack before the start/finish line, and the whole pack came to a complete stop. After a minute or so, we got into the woods. I pushed and pushed, and made my way to the start/finish line to “officially” start the race.

I was pushing pretty hard at the start, but I was having fun. My plan was to haul ass on the first lap, to give Little Miss Sunshine the opportunity to go out on her lap and relax a little and enjoy the ride. After I posed for that photo, I put the hammer down to get to the woods.

Up next was the DPC, who wasn’t too far behind me in the pack. He was leading his group into the start/finish area.

Guess what? I’m cutting it off here. You knew I would do it, so don’t be surprised. I have to drag this shit out at least two days, so tomorrow should be the end of it. I guess that depends on how slow things are around here. I’m such a tease, but you know you like it.

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