Friday, April 22, 2011

Have You Ever Had…

One of those perfect bike rides? You know, the one where everything just feels right? I got out to Sherman Branch yesterday after work, and had one of the greatest rides I’ve had on a mountain bike in a long time. No roadies on mountain bikes going for their personal best lap times and no mechanical issues...just plain fun.

I needed that. After having some stress (some I’ve mentioned and some I’m polite enough not to), it was just me, The Big O, and the trail. I should really do that more often. Tomorrow is yet another race, but I don’t feel any stress at all. Not the usual pre-race jitters, anyway. I am really excited, especially for Little Miss Sunshine. She’s probably nervous as hell, but she will be just fine. The Grind On The Greenway starts tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m., and we’re as ready as we can be.

Speaking of Little Miss Sunshine, today is her birthday. Unlike most of the people I know, I didn’t need The Facebooks to tell me that either. I can remember it for some reason on my own. What a way to celebrate your birthday, racing in your first endurance race. If you see her out there on the trail tomorrow, wish her the best. I’ll probably build her a cake or something.

Happy Birthday to Little Miss Sunshine, from me, Napoleon, and Pedro.

I’ll be back on Monday, complete with a race report from the Grind On The Greenway. It’s currently raining right now, so I wonder how the trail will hold up. The DPC with be there too (sharing the pit area with us), so it should be a fun day. Lunchbox won’t be back in time (like I said yesterday if you weren’t paying attention), so I have no idea if I’ll have any photos. I’ll come up with something. I do have a little stress from trying to figure out what I’m gonna wear. Maybe I’ll bust out my kilt again. Stay tuned.

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