Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hey Ladies

That’s right, the ladies let me ride with them again.  As in, the lovely ladies form our local women’s mountain bike club, the Dirt Divas.  They do regular Tuesday night rides here in Charlotte, but this past Tuesday was a little different.  They hold their monthly meeting then, and they do a little “urban assault” ride beforehand.  I was lucky enough to be invited.

We started out on the road, but cut through parks, parking lots, and across sidewalks to make things interesting. 

After riding on the greenway, we ended up at a local park.  We cut though there on some, uh, trails.

At one point we had to speed up to 88 miles per hour, since the Libyans were after us.

There was some mix up about me giving them a shoddy bomb casing full of used pinball machine parts or something like that.

We eventually made our way through the city, and a few of the ladies posed in front of the infamous Disco Chicken.

It was a really fun ride, even though it wasn’t technically mountain biking.  Little Miss Sunshine did a great job of leading us around the city.

As for the “test bike”, I kinda dig it.  Even though the way it was setup wasn’t perfect, I still think the frame might work for me (with my own parts, of course.)  I took it back last night, but I may try to get it again and take it for another trail ride.

I need more time to decide.

It’s like I have a deadline or something.

I don’t though.

Or do I?

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