Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Now I’ll Take It Easy

My cat knows how to take it easy.  He does it all the time.

While I didn’t mention anything at all about my recent bout with low back pain on yesterday's post, I can assure you that it is still there.  I didn’t have any issues during the race, but as soon as I finished I began to feel it again.  In fact, it got much worse throughout the day.  A smidgeon over two weeks of dealing with this shit, and I’m nowhere near 100%.

Luckily, I don’t race again for almost three weeks, so hopefully that will be enough time to recover completely.  It will be difficult for me to stay off the bike, but I really should.  I have a few good rides planned in the very near future, but over the next few days my plan is simple.


Drink beer.

Rest more.

Drink more beer.

Sounds like a training plan for winners, eh?

I really have no choice.  I can’t risk this back nonsense turning into something really serious (maybe it already has), so I have to spend less time on the bike and walking around, and more time getting myself back to normal.  Maybe I should get a massage.

No, I will get a massage.  Hopefully that will help.

In other news, my nutritional needs have been taken care of again.  The folks at Honey Stinger sent me some more goodies to keep me going.

Since this stuff is used for my “on the bike” nutritional needs, it looks like I probably won’t touch it until I get back to racing next month.  I guess I’ll have to eat “normal” food until then.

Wait, I’m not taking three weeks off the bike. 

Hell no.

That would be much worse than having back pain.

In fact, I have quite a few bike rides planned for the next few days.  I’ll get into that tomorrow.

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