Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Deep In The Woods

Not being well enough to ride, I couldn’t let a beautiful weekend go to waste.  I had to get outside (other than watching a bunch of people race on the grass), so I figured that digging in the dirt would be my best bet to enjoy it.  Although we haven’t come up with an official name yet, our secret trail is still under construction.  For now, we’re just calling it, “The Trail.”

I met TomTom out in the woods to flag some new singletrack, and we got busy digging.

Since we’re building all of this by hand, it’s taking a long time to get any real mileage.  However, the end result will be quality, sustainable trail that we can ride in all weather conditions. 

Plus, it’s gonna be fun as hell.  The elevation out there in crazy, and honestly we can’t build this thing fast enough.  We already have banked turns, berms, jumps, and a couple of rock gardens, and we haven’t even hit the good terrain yet.  Most of what we’re doing right now is connector trail, which will lead us to some awesome downhill action.  It’s all coming together nicely though.

We even find some cool shit out there once in a while.

Shorter days mean that I can’t get out after work, so we’ve just been going out there on weekends.  Soon though, we’ll have a quality “secret” trail up on my side of town to enjoy when everything else is closed.  If you’re local, you’ll probably get an invite when there’s enough to make it worth your while.

Until then, we’ll keep working.

And yeah, I still feel like shit.  At least I’m improving though, so it’s not total shit.

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