Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Recovery Ride

Since my visit to the doctor, I’ve started on the road to recovery.  I had another weekend with no plans, and I had to fix that shit with a quickness.  I talked to TomTom Saturday morning, and he was in the middle of coordinating a ride at the Whitewater Center.  Would I be strong enough to ride there?  I guess I would find out.

We got there and hit the trail around high noon, and I didn’t feel too bad.  There were six of us of varying skill levels and fitness, so I knew this would be a good ride.  We didn’t stop too often, and aside from a lack of power in my legs, I didn’t have any issues.  My lungs felt good, although I had trouble keeping my speed at times.  I guess a big layoff will do that to you.  We hit just about everything out there, and I was happy with my progress.  Still recovering from my sickness and slightly out of shape, I managed to stay with the group and even go all out from time to time.  We finished up the ride and headed to the restaurant there to put down a few beers and have some grub.

My day wasn’t finished there though.  With plenty of daylight left, we decided to head back to our side of town and do some trail work.  My legs were spent from riding, but I’m excited about getting “The Trail” finished.  We have a long way to go, and it’s taking a while because it’s usually only the two of us working on it.  This time though, Good Guy Greg wanted to help out.  No, not that Good Guy Greg

This one:

Before work commenced, TomTom and Good Guy Greg took a ride.  Greg wanted to see what we had done so far, and he was impressed.  It kinda looked like we knew what we were doing out there I guess.  TomTom was happy with what we had done so far.

We worked until it got too dark to work.  The section we were working on had to be cleared out, and with the three of us out there we got pretty far along.  When the darkness came it was time for us to find our way out of the woods and get home. 

I packed in a lot of shit for someone that’s supposed to be recovering from being sick.  It felt nice to be out of the house and on my bike though, and the guys we rode with were pretty cool too.  I usually end up riding by myself, but I think I’m starting to like this group ride thing.  My doctor said to take it easy, but I’m not sure if riding fast and digging in the dirt is what she meant.

Who gives a shit.

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