Friday, January 11, 2013

Time To Dust Off The Racing Skills


Just like that, the race “season” is upon me again.  The 2013 Winter Short Track Series starts this Sunday, and I’m not even close to ready.  In fact, this is the slowest I’ve felt on a bike in a long time.  While I usually use this series as a jumpstart to my “training” (because I don’t do any other kind of training), I should have at least gotten myself a little better prepared.

I don’t just go there to race though.  It’s the social scene there that appeals to me the most.  Sure, the place is packed full of Strava using dirt roadies with zero technical skills (you don’t need them there anyway), but there are also lots of good cycling people that come out and race “for the fun of it.”  Good Guy Greg is giving racing a shot for the first time ever, and I think maybe we’ve even talked TomTom into it.  Eastwood is new in town and finally gets a chance to race it, and it’s even possible that Dicky will show up.  Lunchbox (who doesn’t race all that much) is even planning to do the whole series.  With a crew like that out there, why wouldn’t you be there?

It should be fun, and I’m planning to ride as hard as I can.  I’m also planning to hack up a lung, crash multiple times, and get pissed off at the rude people that think they own the trail (see above dirt roadie comment.)  It’s still a blast no matter how shitty my conditioning is, and I’m looking forward to it.  And just like last year, I plan to try two races in one day.  The big boy class (my main one) goes off at 11:30, and after thirty minutes of fast racing action I get to rest for about an hour and a half before I go at it again.  The single speed class will be my “additional training” ride, and if it doesn’t kill me it will make me stronger.

How’s that for getting off your ass?

I should be here Monday with some form of race report.

Oh joy.

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