Friday, February 15, 2013

The Grand Finale

This weekend is the last of it.  The Winter Series is coming to a close, and I’m gonna miss it.  Unlike other races, this one is way more social.  The hecklers, beer drinking, and shit talking makes this one different than the rest, and I enjoy every minute of it.  Although I’m a little sad to have reached the end, I’m kinda ready to move on.

The real “season” is about to start soon.

For now though, I have to concentrate on obtaining a mediocre finish in the overall standings.  I’m not as fast as I was last year, but I’m working so hard (by treating this as “training”) that it doesn’t matter.  The things I’m doing now should prepare me for a long, grueling season.  You know, doing stuff like racing two races in one day.

I have a decision to make though.  Since I had so much fun (and faster lap times) riding my rigid single speed in the second race of the day, I’m considering riding it for the first one two.  There’s no better way to bring the hurt than to ride that rigid monster for two races.  It will damn near kill me, but I’m hoping that it makes me stronger.  It will probably be a “race day” decision, and no doubt will be influenced by those in my group that won’t have to suffer by doing the same thing.

Unless of course I can talk Good Guy Greg into it too.

In other news, remember how Lunchbox dressed up for his race last weekend?

Photo credit:  Mike Long

Well, he has a surprise for the last race in the series.  The cow costume with the fancy tuxedo jersey is old hat now, so he wants to spice it up a bit.  His new clothing choice is a well guarded secret right now (even though TomTom knows), so come back Monday to see what happened.

That boy is nuttier than a fruitcake, so I’m looking forward to seeing the reaction from his fans.

Yes, he has fans.  Lunchbox is pretty rad.

See y’all Monday.

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to see what new kit Isiah brings to the race. Like the attitude!