Monday, April 27, 2015

Junk Miles

I’ve heard a lot about “junk miles” lately.  Mostly from Dicky, but whatever.  I don’t know if I believe in junk miles per se.  I think that any miles you put in on the bike should count for the most part.  You don’t always have to be training, pushing your threshold, and all that other stuff every time you get in the saddle.  Sometimes, just pedaling around can make a difference in your fitness.

Or at least your sanity.

I put in a shitload of hours over the weekend at work.  It’s been stressful, and I wondered if I would get any kind of ride in.  Once I finally finished everything on Sunday, I took off on my ghetto cross bike (it has no name because, Who Gives A Shit) for some uh, junk miles.

It’s no secret around here that only a few miles from my house is a pretty cool greenway to ride (or walk if that’s your thing.)  It’s mostly flat, and good for just spinning the legs (i.e. junk miles.)  What’s nice about it is the stuff that’s off the beaten path.  I never know what I might get myself into.

I venture off the greenway every time I ride it, and I always find something new.  The old stuff keeps it interesting too I guess.

The route is along a creek (duh, I’ve talked about it before), and I really enjoy stopping to check out the nature and junk.

It must be beaver season around these parts, because the little fellas have constructed a small house out of sticks and stone.

It’s nice to have some scenery I guess.  You know, instead of putting in boring road miles.  It is kinda of nice out there, even though I’m sorta in the city.

And just like any good ride, I stopped to enjoy a beer while I enjoyed the nature junk.

Since the miles don't count, the beer doesn't either, right?

Oh yeah. Wildlife.

Meh.  I rode my bike.  I enjoyed a beer.  I got outside in nature.  While I didn’t make any huge fitness gains over the weekend, I probably didn’t loose anything either.

Ride bikes.  Drink beer.

Oh, and have fun once in a while instead of being a dick about training.

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