Wednesday, April 1, 2015

No Joke

Since I’ve been doing this blogging thing, I’ve tried some phoney April Fools post just because it seemed like it would be fun.  It usually works, especially the one I did last year.

I just don’t feel like doing it today.  Not a big deal.  Besides, there are plenty of other things out that that other people do to make funny.


It’s not too late if you want to do something.  Here's a list of easy pranks you can try on someone if you so desire:

Some of them are good I guess.  Number eleven is probably the best and would get an awesome reaction.

Anyway, the real significance of April 1st is that it’s the start of 30 Days of Biking. 

You know, the annual event where you pledge to ride your bike every day in April?  It doesn’t matter what kind of ride.  You could hit some sweet jumps, tear up The Pisgah, or just ride up to the local watering hole to grab a beer. 

It’s easy. 

Just take the pledge.

I see a lot of trips for beer coming up in the next 30 days.

Happy April 1st.

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