Monday, April 13, 2015

Long Short Weekend

 I was gone to the hills all weekend. I really, really needed a trip like that. I’m a little tired, but it was worth it. Of course you’re here for the stories. I’m gonna play it backwards.

Sunday morning, a group of our people took off on a Pisgah death march. I took a group of people that were interested in riding, but interested in being drug out into the hills to be left for dead. We rode one of the seasonal trails (which close in a few days), which I could find on a map. Maybe it was misspelled, since I’ve never heard of it.

This ride was supposed to be easy-ish, but nothing in Pisgah really is. Right off the bat, we started going up…

And rode/walked some sketchy stuff…

Like most rides out there, we went up. But once we got to the top, the view was worth it…

We rode some pretty fun downhill stuff too, but we were moving so fast that there were no photo opportunities. I’m okay with that, because I know how rad it was. The group had fun, and we didn’t kill anyone. The group headed back home once we finished, but I still wanted to see some more cool mountain stuff.

So I did.

What an awesome day. And that was only part of my weekend.

See y’all tomorrow.

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