Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Ride With The Kids

Sunday was yet another Tarheel Trailblazers Kids Ride at Sherman Branch. This could be the last one of the year (depending on the weather), so it was nice to get out and ride. Winter in fast approaching, but you wouldn’t know it that day. It was 70 degrees and sunny. Lunchbox was there to lead it, as usual:

Yep, he’s riding on my small-wheeled squishy bike. His bike is still in the shop, so he had to use my “loaner.” Although it’s a size XL (21”) frame, he looks a little big for it. I guess if you’re 6’ 1” at 14 years old you would look too big for anything. I think it may be time to get him on a 29er. We shall see.

Anyway, we didn’t have a huge turnout, but there were enough kids. In fact, our “usual” crowd was there. We headed out on the trail with Lunchbox in the lead, and everyone was tearing up the singletrack. Of course we stopped at the first jump, and the kids took turns hitting it. This is one of their favorites, and it showed:

Lunchbox has been taking some flying lessons, I see.

Even the Dirty Party Cycle got in on the action with his new 29er.

Since this group is the “usual” one, they had plenty of experience on the trail. So, we all moved along at a pretty good pace. That meant that I didn’t get too many opportunities to snap photos, but I did get out the camera during one relatively flat section.

When it was all over, we settled in at the picnic table for some refreshments. I know the kids like the ride, but they sure seem to like the cookies just as much:

Thanks to the help of one of our adult riders (thanks Jeanie!), I even got in one of the pictures:

Of course, it was another great ride. These kids rides are my favorite part of this mountain biking thing I do, and I’m happy to get them out on the trail. I hope we can squeeze in a few more before Old Man Winter comes along this year. The kids (or maybe the parents) don’t like riding in the cold, so we’ll end up putting these rides on hiatus when it gets cold outside.

After we all said our goodbyes, The Dirty Party Cycle, Luncbox, and I took another lap. I had to get some mileage in, and I think Lunchbox was really digging my bike anyway. Maybe I should have let him ride my big-wheeled bike. Nah, he’ll have to get his own. I guess I should start looking, huh? Christmas is just around the corner, so maybe he should ask Santa for one. At least it will keep him from trying to steal my bikes.

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