Friday, January 21, 2011

Back In Town

My three day “adventure” down in Peachland is finally over. All that driving has taken it’s toll on me, and I feel wiped out. Even worse, I’m heading up to Statesville, NC this morning for more work-related non fun stuff. The only bright spot about this particular trip is that I get to visit the Mountain Bike Museum of Art and Technology at First Flight Bicycles while I’m up that way. Luckily, my meeting location is within walking distance from the shop, so I’m hoping to sneak out during lunch and hang out with my pals from there. I’ll try to take lots of pictures, just for you.

The plan is to get out of my all-day meeting a little early (yes, in addition to sneaking out at lunchtime.) I’m also hoping that some trails around here will open so I can take advantage of my planned early escape. It’s been dry and warmer around here lately, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll get some biking action.

Oh shit, wrong picture. Sorry.

Okay, it’s really obvious that this post is going nowhere. All is not lost though, because I have a backup plan. Just to keep you coming back, I will post a nice bicycle-related photo for your enjoyment. We all know that’s why you visit here every day, right? Here you go:

Yeah, go ahead and admit you like that. I won’t tell anyone. It’s just our little secret. Now, if you are actually interested in my bicycle-related stuff, then here is a sneak peek of something I’m working on:

See y’all Monday with a race report from race number two of the Winter Short Track Series. I know you’ll still be here staring at the photo of that nice young lady drinking water anyway.

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