Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, New Routine

This is a view from my road bike, which isn’t how I wanted to start out the year. I’m hoping to get in lots of mileage this year, but I don’t want to do it on the road. I’m primarily a mountain biker, and I want to keep it that way. The problem is, we’ve had a ton of shitty weather lately, which has left our local trails closed. A ride on the road is better than nothing, I guess.

For the New Year, I didn’t make any resolutions. I usually don’t. Most people say they will go to the gym more, get in shape, or other things along those lines. Those people crowd the gyms, trails, road, etc., but it doesn’t last long. I’m sure they have good intentions, but it’s not enough to keep htem going. I’m not trying to be one of those people.

I have a few goals, and I’ve already mentioned them (hint: they have a lot to do with my racing season.) Sure, I need to get in better shape, but there’s no reason to announce to the world that I’ve made “resolutions.” My immediate goal is to shed some of my offseason flab, and get back into some kind of racing shape. That will come in due time, as long as I get off of my ass and make it happen.

I’m currently about 20 pounds over my normal racing weight, which is a little heavier than I normally get in the “offseason.” With the Winter Short Track Series coming up sooner than I’d like, I guess I’ll be racing my way into shape. The promoter has added a Clydesdale class this year, but that doesn’t mean I get to take it easy. It also doesn’t guarantee that I’ll do well. I’ll get to race against people my own weight, but they have probably been working a lot harder in the offseason than I have. Oh well. I’ll enjoy the competition, and I will certainly enjoy the race scene when I get to hang out with my fellow mountain bikers. Nothing pushes me harder than a race, and I’m looking forward to it.

Bring on the punishment.


Spacecowboy11 said...

You talk about getting in shape?
FYI, round is a shape.
wv. arate

DPC said...

I hope to learn shape shifting if I can find a tight enough base layer shirt.