Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Was Busy, I Swear

I was MIA the last few days, and I know you missed me (my stats told me so.) I’m sorry about abandoning y’all, but it had to be done. I made a funny on The Facebooks that I was snowed in, but that wasn’t why I missed a few days of blog time. I was way too damn busy with my real job, that’s all.

I guess I’ll explain a bit about what I do to make money (‘cause there’s no way in hell someone would pay me to ride my bike.) I take care of telephone system programming for a pretty large hospital system. We have around 100 clinics, and we control the times that they open and close by having the phones route to the appropriate message when you call. You know, “Thanks for calling blah, press 1 to talk to a doctor, press 2 to stay on hold forever, press 3 to talk to the janitor.” That kind of stuff. The day to day operation is pretty uneventful, but all hell breaks loose when there is inclement weather.

Starting last Sunday night when the snow storm started rolling in, I was busy helping these clinics inform the patients that they would be closed. That kept me in front of the computer a lot, but unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to post anything on here. I’m really sorry about that. When I did get some free time in the afternoons, I had to figure out how I would be able to leave my house when I actually had to go to my office (I had been working from home.) The roads in my neighborhood were covered with snow and ice, and we live on a large hill.

I did what any good neighbor would do, and that was to break out the snow skateboards to play for a little while:

After Lunchbox and I had a little fun, I had to clear my driveway. That wouldn’t help me get out of the neighborhood though, so I took my shovel and started clearing the road. Little Miss Sunshine helped too, along with one of our neighbors. We got quite a bit of it cleared too:

I took the ice we removed and piled it up next to my mailbox, so I could keep the mailman and his junk mail away:

We got just enough of the road cleared so we could get out. To my neighbors that enjoyed safe passage up the hill, you’re welcome. Next time you see us out there slaving with shovels, you should come out and help too. Not you Chili Man, I know you didn't need to go anywhere. I'm talking about the other ones closer to us. Lazy bastards.

Anyway, that pretty much left me without any time to ride my bike over the last few days. I did however get out over the weekend, but I’ll save that story for tomorrow. With the Winter Short Track Series coming up in a few days, I’m far from ready. Will I still get out there and mix it up in the frigid temps just for the sake of riding? Probably. You’ll have to wait to find out though.

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