Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Beer Does Help

My back is a little better, and I can attribute that to a heavy dose of stretching and a shitload of beer.  I guess back pain is pretty common amongst cyclists, judging from the comments/advice I received yesterday.  I don’t think this is an ongoing issue though.  I don’t usually suffer from any long-lasting ailments, and my latest round of pain isn’t some old injury rearing its ugly head.

Well, I did have some back pain way back in my twenties, but I found out it was due to tight hamstrings from playing soccer and skateboarding all the time.  I eventually learned preventative stretching movements, but every once in a while I forget to do it.  Most recently, I’d been riding my bike more than usual, and not stretching at all. 

I’m such a dumbass.

I’m tired of waiting to be fully healed though.  Since I’m feeling much better than I’ve felt over the last two weeks, I think it’s time to get back on the bike again.  I know, that wasn’t much of a break, but I can’t stay away. 

I really don’t care anymore.

I took some time off of work for the next few days, and time away from work for me always equals time on my bike.  Starting tomorrow, I’m going to take a blog hiatus until next Tuesday.  It’s not a real vacation, but I plan to cram as much shit as possible into my five day break.

Tomorrow, the little lady and I are heading up to Warrior Creek, so she can finally ride the trails up there that she’s heard so much about.  I’m taking my single speed, so it will be like a new trail to me too.  My goal has been to take the SS to every trail I’ve ridden with gears, and all I have left now is the out of town stuff.  Should be loads of fun.

Friday, I may do a short ride on my “private” trail.  The big event of the day for me though is a massage, which I most certainly deserve. 

I just hope it’s not all weird and shit.

YouTube won’t let me embed the video I wanted to show you, so click here:

Thanks to Todd T. for the idea.

Anyway, after I feel all relaxed (and hopefully pain free), I’ll still have three days to fill.  One of those days, we plan to head over to DuPont State Forest in Western NC for a little waterfall chasing.  We haven’t been there in a while, so it will be nice to ride on some different trails and see some really cool waterfalls and junk.  I know the whole family is looking forward to it.

As far as my plans go for the next few days, that’s pretty much it.  I’m sure that there will be plenty of other riding adventures, but nothing is set in stone.

All I want to do is ride my bike.

You should too.

See y’all Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

Mmm...racer 5.

Linda said...

Bettah have Little Miss Sunshine back in time for girls night :-)

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